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For what its worth Sundial Wood and Root Tonic may save your life from Coronavirus.  I only mention this as I see a pattern immerging. There have been reports that this virus is manmade.  I know for a fact that HIV/AIDS was a man-made disease. (See: The Language Crystal by Lawrence William Lyons) And I know that Sundial Wood and Root Tonic cures HIV.  I also know that the self-same scumbags that created the Noveau Tech Secret Society which also has and sells the secret to eternal life also paid no taxes to any government on Earth on a whopping five trillion dollars of income and President Reagan may have been one of them.  I do know that at least one United States president was one of them but, of which one I am not 100% sure.  I suspect it was Reagan.  

Why should you believe any of this?  Because it's true.  But to understand why you'll have to read Das Energi.  If you are one of the more than 250,000 people who have already read Das Energi you have spent all of the money that you will ever be required to spend to achieve Eternal Life.  Any extra expenditures will only make the process easier and/or faster.  If you have read Das Energi please join this community and share what you already know to be true.  

The fear of and the actual possibility of imminent death has not been so real for so many people in recent memory as it has become since the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Getting right with God has never been as urgent for as many people as it is right now.  Saints and Sages, Mystics and other messengers throughout the ages have all taught that the only way to achieve eternal life is through the process of uniting and becoming one with the God that lives inside each and every one of us.  Many methods of achieving this God-realization have been proffered in the hope of leading you to God-realization.  Due to a myriad of factors, the way has often seemed long and hard.

  "So the last shall be first, and the first last..." (Matthew 20:16) More than 90% of readers read only the first chapter of any book that they get for reading. No wonder so many people who pick up The Holy Bible have a hard time believing in God. The first book of the original Holy Bible, The book of Genesis, which starts out with the words: "In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth" is full of incredible stories that may be very hard to believe without first developing at least a little bit of faith in the word that purports to be God's Word. But how is one to develop faith without reading the word of God first? 

Consisting of three volumes the original edition of The New Beginning Backwords Bible, also known as Your Out of Order and Backwards Bible, starts out by presenting the testimony of John (the beloved disciple) from the five books of John. Starting with John 1:1: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God," and ending with his Revelation then backwards through the other three Gospels and backwards through the rest of the books of the Holy Bible from last to first. 

The benefit to today's reader is that he/she gets to the most interesting words to be found in the Bible quickly including The Holy Bible's most famous passage John 3:16-21 within 15 minutes of reading. The promise of salvation through belief in the name of Jesus is presented to the reader immediately. That promise alone will urge readers to read more and then make the decision upon which their eternal life depends; To believe or not to believe? 

That is the question that The New Beginning Holy Bible provides a better answer to than all previous editions of The Holy Bible for it offers the promise of Jesus Christ's salvation that leads to eternal life first and foremost. You will notice a great difference in the style of the fourth gospel, the gospel we call “John,” and the first three, which we put together calling them the “synoptic gospels”: Matthew, Mark, Luke. Both tell about Jesus, but in two different ways. For the synoptic gospels, the humanity of Jesus is always in the forefront; it’s a human understanding. It’s a human face; it’s a human personality being described and narrated. But in John, no, truly a human face and a human voice, but not really a human understanding, rather a divine one. 

“Before Abraham came to be, I AM.” “I AM,” of course, is God’s name. That’s how God revealed himself to Moses when Moses asked, “Well, who are you?” God says, “I AM”—a name and a mystery, both. The mystery of a God who is not created, the God who is the source of all that is, this is what is meant by “I AM.” Now here Jesus is locked in a sort of controversy with the Jews who are looking at things in a very literal way. And I don’t personally believe that the author, whom we call “John,” really intended this to be simply a curious study of how people used to be. It’s really speaking to the believer right now. We can also be literalists puzzling over the literal meaning of what Jesus says; and then, of course, we won’t ever get it because the power of the word of God doesn’t come in its literalness. It comes in its spirit. 

Jesus says, “You do not know him. But I know him.” This we all have to be convinced of. We do worship God, that’s true; but we don’t know God, and we never will unless Jesus introduces us to him. It’s only through Jesus, through his human, incarnate, presence that we can get to know the true nature of God. Jesus says, “I know him, and I keep his word.” If we want to enter more deeply into the mystery of God among us, we cannot do so without entering into the mystery of Jesus, and especially his suffering, because Jesus’ knowledge of the Father is precisely what made it necessary for him to suffer with such compassion the fate he endured.  

My name is Gregory Stuart GOrDon aka "Jeeses Christ," "Black Jesus from The Howard Stern Show," or, as I want all of you new members of the Light of the World Eternal Life Portal to know me: "Gregory."  I entered the portal to traditional "historical" immortality on July 4th, Independence Day, of 1990 here in the United States of America by pulling a mock assassination attempt/publicity stunt wherein I broke into the retirement home of former United States president Ronald Wilson Reagan on July 4th of 1990.  I believe to this day that he was/is the Biblical Beast or "antichrist.  I believe myself to be The Second Coming of Jesus Christ and am actively seeking the title of the Jewish Messiah.  

Although according to Oprah Winfrey who if I am not mistaken has started her own church "there has to be more than one way" to God-realization the only way to realize that I am "the only true God" and achieve physical immortality morally is through the words of Jesus Christ and Dynamic inner/outer Light Reflecting.  The process of Dynamic Light-reflecting is both a physical activity which involves the use of black or clear balloons along with electric or other light sources of which the logo for Lightoftheworld.com above shows an actual photographic image turned into a moving Gif and Spiritual/Intellectual involving receiving enlightenment thru the process of meditating upon certain thoughts and ideas while in an or after having experienced certain higher states of consciousness than the vast majority of people now here on earth have ever experienced.  

Although I personally have never even for a moment in my life thought that I would ever die physically, I remember the last years of my dad's life.  My dad, Robert Fitz-Gerald Gordon, was a very successful Dentist who after retiring seemed, to me at least, desperate to leave a legacy of his own as although I claim George GOrDon Cramer as my son to this date there has not been a paternity test performed to prove it and my only other sibling, my brother Wayne, died childlessly.  Dad took up painting toward the end of his life and it seemed to me that he wanted more, that he wanted to be remembered for something.  He actually shared that sentiment with me shortly before he passed.  The thing that he said he wanted to be remembered for was for sharing the following statement or quote: "Never let a SETBACK become an UPSET."  A dynamic reflection upon that statement would include giving some consideration to the sentiment then sharing your insight on it with the community.  In fact Doing a Dynamic Reflection on that statement would be a great way to complete your first Dynamic Reflection should you decide to join.  

My hope for you, however, is much more than "historical" immortality.  I would like for you too to achieve physical immortality as I have or at least believe I have.  The main reason that I believe physical immortality to be possible for anyone is that I read an article on the Internet that told of a black man who had also achieved this level of reality.  It seems as if he was so spiritual that he created many enemies who wanted him dead and they actually killed him not once but several times.   But, each time he came back to life.  Once they even took him up in a plane, killed him, chopped up his body and he still came back to life.  This is the level of spiritual attainment that I have achieved by doing God's will in fighting the Antichrist: Former United States President Ronald Wilson Reagan.  

In order to do get everyone to the same spiritual level as myself, I will offer to you at least one course on how to achieve this level of God-realization for free.  But there is a catch.  In order to achieve this level of God-realization, you must read the book "Das Energi" by Paul Williams and of course my book "Jeeses Christ.".  Until now Das Energi is under Copyright which won't expire until 75 years after his death.  And I believe that he is still alive.  

As a courtesy to my members, you can obtain a copy of "Das Energi" from my amazon affiliate shop The Jesus Comeback.  Click Here  Should you decide to purchase anything in the previous link I will receive a commission from Amazon.  This site is being designed to show you the easy way to both historical and bodily life eternal.  The process is fast and if you believe and practice what is presented here hopefully fast enough to save your life during these times.  Although this sounds of hucksterism and my wanting to profit off of a worldwide calamity believe me it is not.  

And to that end let me put forth the real deal now in an effort to sell you on the reason you must read Das Energi to find the fastest way to eternal life.  First of all, it takes only 90 minutes to read the whole book through from cover to cover.  While I am certain that the vast majority of people who read the whole book will make it their personal "Bible" as I have.  I am not certain what the response of religious leaders will be to this community and my teachings now that this information is finally being delivered in an unadulterated form.  The past responses ranged from total avoidance of me and my teachings to them murdering me as they did to Jesus of Nazareth.  And for the same reason; because I am what I say I am: God.  But unlike Jesus who was all loving and docile, I am not.  "Vengeance is mine. Personally mine.  So say I, Gregory Stuart GOrDon." I always say that and that's the absolute truth.  

My immediate goal in the aftermath of Covid-19 is to get the information needed to live eternally through ethical means out to those who have already been on the path to God-realization and only need a few more facets or pieces of the puzzle to achieve that goal.  While ultimately I will be able to get everyone on earth to that level of awareness, it's now crunch time and I must put up or shut up.  The only book that I personally know of that can get you there quickly and for less than twenty dollars is Das Energi.  

There is another way that I am aware of to achieve the same goal is by taking on the teachings of The Noveau Tech Secret Society and Miss Annabelle's Secrets.  While they may or may not actually have the secret at the very least they say that they do.  The author of those books at least according to their hype is the richest man on Earth.  But they deny that a man can have and receive contact from The Almighty God Himself.  I know better than that.  

So there you have it.  

By Joining The Light of the World Eternal Life Portal and following my instructions you will be given the tools to achieve "historical" immortality and hopefully physical Immortality.  Please explore then join our community. 

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